Non Polluting Corn Starch Disposable Eco Tableware Knife Fork Spoon

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1. Environmentally friendly, compostable, and devoid of petroleum.

2. Design - Eco-friendly and renewable PLA derived from corn is used to create long-lasting, degradable clamshells.

A), Compostable and biodegradable

B) It's petroleum-free

C) It can be frozen and refrigerated!

3. Individualized in accordance with the styles you specify

The needs and demands of both the food service sector and the individual consumer who wants to be more environmentally friendly are met by classic straightforward design.

Corn is used to make Eco-Friendly PLA Clamshells. The clamshell shapes are created by molding the cornstarch after it has been heated and processed. Since the PLA is made from corn, a natural plant, it is free of hazardous chemicals and petroleum. Clamshells made of PLA degrade at a composting facility.

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Our products are totally BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE.    

Compostable material:    

1.Biodegradable under composting conditions.    

2.Disintegrates completely in one composting cycle.    

3.Has no toxic effects and does not release heavy metals over a given value into the compost.

4.Has no negative effect on the composting process itself. In a word, the products we make are fully eco friendly.

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Cornstarch that can come intodirect contact with food

Safe and healthy to use


Cornstarch that can come intodirect contact with food

Safe and healthy to use

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High temperature disinfectionand sterilization at 120°℃Can also be used in -18° coldGood overall performance


Integrated automatic moldingwith advanced technologyNo splices, no burrs, smootherand safer

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Our 100% biodegradable and compostable cutlery is drived from plant starchmaterial, which is sustainable andrenewable.

CPLA is considered to be TOP1 best

alternative to the traditional plastic like PP,PS.PET, etc. Our restaurant flatware is superstrong in strength, which enables you toreuse after washing. It is good for home,restaurant, takeaways, as well as parties andbig events.

Description of product use effect

Our  cutlery is 100% biobased, Byusing them, you are doing efforts to

Environment by occurring: less footprints,reduce plastic pollution. our Compostablerestaurant flatware compost into Hz0 andco2 with 180days in industrial compostconditions.

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