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Our American HALO CBD Co., Ltd., the production of oil, CBD and end products, industrial hemp American company research and development center, hemp fiber, the new material is a new product, my company’s industrial chain cars, planes, the decoration of the new material, and paper cups, green unique technology in the future, 2 o21, annual output value 27 million dollars, now turn to domestic sales, import and export of production, Cannabidiol (CBD) is the one with the most medical value among more than 100 active ingredients of cannabis.

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In the international community, cannabis is classified into medicinal type (THC > 0.5%) according to the content of THC in the top leaves and flower panicles of female cannabis plants at the flowering stage.

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We have excellent research and development Team, strict QC team, superb technical team and good service sales team, to provide customers with the best service and products. We are both a manufacturer and a trading company.