Our American HALO CBD Co., Ltd., the production of oil, CBD and end products, industrial hemp American company research and development center, hemp fiber, the new material is a new product, my company's industrial chain cars, planes, the decoration of the new material, and paper cups, green unique technology in the future,2021, annual output value 27 million dollars, now turn to domestic sales, import and export of production, Cannabidiol (CBD) is the one with the most medical value among more than 100 active ingredients of cannabis. Another thing to note, the production of paper cups is entrusted to the America halo CBD Co., LTD., branch China Ningbo Geller Technology Co., LTD.

In the international community, cannabis is classified into medicinal type (THC > 0.5%) according to the content of THC in the top leaves and flower panicles of female cannabis plants at the flowering stage. Intermediate type (0.3% < THC) and industrial hemp will naturally degrade the whole fiber biota, i.e., type 1 (THC < 0.0%), and the hemp varieties with THC < 0.3% are allowed to be cultivated as industrial hemp varieties in the form of law. Green hunger grades, to human body health product verified by the GDA, cannabis pulp fiber manufacturing disposable cups and boxes of green science and technology in the future, material characteristics, the natural degradation, microwavable frozen, waterproof and oil high-tech new materials and plant fiber full biodegradable healthy environmental protection, research and development of corn starch Light is fine natural degradation, food-grade PS material by sterile QS workshop production, acid and alkali resistance, tea cups, soya-bean milk cup, coffee cup, hollow glass, can good cup, double tube membrane thickening cups, cold drink cup, advertising paper cups, paper cups cake membrane, try drinking cup, customized, enterprise paper cups, hot and cold drink paper cup custom specifications, lattice le green science and technology in the future.



Our own set of complete team to support your sales. We have excellent research and development Team, strict QC team, superb technical team and good service sales team, to provide customers with the best service and products. We are both a manufacturer and a trading company. 2. We have our own factory, our own farm in Oregon of the United States to grow 1100 mu of industrial hemp to sell the professional production of CBD oil system, as well as professional research and development and QC team. We always keep up with market trends. We have cooperated with a university in the United States to develop new products, technologies and services to meet market demand. 3. Quality assurance. We have our own brand, we have a strong focus on quality, in the United States, Canada, European countries, Zimbave will be the second African country to legalize the cultivation of cannabis, and it will be a significant force in the next $57 billion market. Our products are the hottest sellers, both online and offline.


The project founding team base on the scientific research, industrial hemp cultivation, extraction, processing and sales, team by the equipment manufacturer, the technical team has successfully obtained licenses in the United States project founder, most of the processing equipment for the independent research and development and manufacturing, the company will focus on the processing and extraction industry cannabidiol (CBD), To incubate the terminal product line containing CBD as a supplement. Adapt to the current green environmental protection and sustainable and other aspects of the demand. It will be put into production in 2021.